Our Vision

A Vibrant Community


We envision a vibrant commuity where members respect and celebrate diversity, use their skills and talents to help themselves and otherss live in safety and harmony, access good quality education, health care, shopping, transportation, recreation, affordable houseing, and realize their hopes for a better life.  


our mission

Education and Support


The Peace Center of Rogers Park (PCRP) educates and supports members of the community as they determine their own path of growth and development by providing a variety of programs and services for individuals and families in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago.  These programs offer opprotunities for participatnts to grow spiritually, academically, and professionally, while networking and increasing involvement with other neighborhood residents, program participants, and communty partners.  


our values

Cooperation, Community, and Compassion


We believe the Rogers Park neighborhood offers a wellspring of varied abilities backgrounds, and cultures that can be recognized, celebrated, and used in cooperation to improve the community, individuals, and families.  We are committed to provide the highest level of services with integrity and compassion.  


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